Event agenda

NY Cannabis Insider will host the state's first cannabis "summit" of 2023, where industry professionals – from growers, processors and retailers to attorneys, consultants and politicians – will gather for a day of venting and problem-solving.

How it works

The event will be organized such that the morning session will be dedicated to airing grievances from all angles of the industry, while the afternoon session will be focused on proposed solutions. Check out the topics that you can weigh in here. We'll have professional moderators to help create a discussion forum on a specific topic and ask for input to drill down into what matters most to you. You can participate in as many topics as you'd like! We'll use those challenges to work on potential ideas and solutions to help propel the marketplace forward beyond the event. Reporters from NYCI will bring ideas to light via post-event articles.

The summit will also host panel discussions throughout the day in a secondary room focused on retail operations, current regulations, best practices and other topics. Lightning-round business consultations will be available for attendees, in addition to multiple networking opportunities, lunch, a happy hour and much more.

Schedule overview

May 17th (evening before)

New York City Cannabis Industry Association/Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association invites all conference attendees and members of every organization attending the NYCI Conference & Summit to its monthly Weed Wednesday - our first in Albany - at Mr. D's, the Desmond Hotel Bar on the eve before the event. Weed Wednesday is a free casual networking event. Note that food and drink are "pay your own way." RSVP for this free event here

May 18th (conference day)