Breakout sessions topics and what you'll hear about

As an alternative to participating in the open forum discussion at any time, we'll be covering various topics in our breakout room (the Town Hall Amphitheatre) designed for cannabis business owners or those getting started in the industry in our breakout room, including:

  • Medical Cannabis 101  10:45-11:30 a.m.

    • Session description: A panel of experts in the medical cannabis program will discuss the history of the program; where it is today; challenges to patient access and affordability; and the solutions Albany can act on to improve this important program for more New Yorkers. Hear about what the medical operators, patients, and advocates are lobbying Albany to act on during this Legislative Session.

      • Speakers: Bryan Murry (Chair of MCIA, and EVP of Gov't Relations at Acreage); Frank Tice (Director, Legal, Etain); Ngiste Abebe (Columbia Care); Katie Neer (Of Counsel, Dickinson & Avella)

  • Congratulations, You Got Your License! Now What?  11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

    • Session description: For licensed operators and applicants alike, gain practical know-how about building a sustainable licensed business from a dynamic and diverse panel of industry insiders who have spent years in the cannabis trenches. Learn tips and best practices for building a team, meeting ongoing compliance requirements, and executing your business and operating plan.  

      • Speakers: Sheri Tarr (Founder/Chief Advisor, '68 Partners); Jenny Argie (Owner, Jenny's); Michelle Fields, Esq. (Cannabis Strategic Consultant and Global Advisor, The Mary Jane Consulting Group); Venus Rodriguez (CEO, Sana Cannabis, LLC); Ryan Andoos (Owner, Route 27 Hemp Yard)

  • Application to operation: compliance and success for cannabusinesses  1:45-2:30 p.m.

    • Session description: With NY opening licensing for cannabis businesses, operators need to be prepared to develop a winning business license application and a compliance program that will maintain their business security past opening. An application is essentially a business owner's first compliance document, and proper record-keeping and SOPs help maintain a profitable company with minimal risk of fines, production delays, or regulatory injunctions.

      • Speaker: Warren Harasz (VP of Regulatory Compliance, Cannaspire)

  • Sketching Out a Timeline  2:45-3:30 p.m.

    • Session description: When will New Yorkers finally be able to apply for all of the license types approved within the MRTA? Once New Yorkers can apply, how long till they are awarded a license?  And once a license is secured, how long will it take a licensee in each license type to stand up their company?  And how long after that till they are in full operation? Join the speakers as they attempt to sketch this out for us all.

      • Speakers: Tom Buchan, Esq. (Vice President, Park Strategies); Joe Rossi (Managing Director/Cannabis Practice Group Leader, Park Strategies); Hal McCabe (CANY, Mayor of Homer)

  • Understanding True Parties of Interest (TPI)  3:45-4:30 p.m.

    • Session description: This session will walk through the TPI rules as they relate to both CAURDs and other cannabis licensees in New York. New York's cannabis market will be established in a strict two-tier system: the supply tier and the retail tier. In advance of licensing, it will be critical to understand how to structure your business entity, where to go for your financing, and how to stay in compliance with these True Party of Interest rules.

      • Speaker: Katie Neer (Of Counsel, Dickinson & Avella)

Meet the breakout session speakers

Speakers are listed alphabetically by last name.

Full Name
Jenny Argie
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Jenny’s is a woman-owned cannabis brand founded on health, wellness, and love. Based in the heart of Hudson Valley, New York, Jenny’s has been a leader in New York’s legal cannabis industry by being one of the first Processors to be licensed for hemp (CBD), and now for adult-use cannabis. Visit our website:

Where the bro-brands out there are mass-producing sugar-filled gummies in mylar bags and rolling the biggest, fattest, strongest… Jenny’s is taking a decidedly different approach. First, Jenny’s is one of the very few female cannabis processors/manufacturers in the United States. Our fast-acting lower-dose gummies are sugar-free (zero-glycemic), kosher, vegan, KETO-friendly, and use only organic ingredients. No one has spent as much dedication, time, and passion developing healthy cannabis alternatives targeting the wide variety of dietary and religious needs of women and men.

We are the only company in New York making HASH RESIN through a European-designed process that features original terpenes – nothing added. Which is how we make our delicious vapes. Based in the heart of Hudson Valley, Jenny’s delivers the most memorable and comforting cannabis experiences, with love, time after time.
Jenny Argie