Event agenda

NY Cannabis Insider will host it's final cannabis conference of the year, where industry professionals – from growers, processors and retailers to attorneys, consultants, politicians and new/hopeful business owners – will gather for a day of learning and networking. Our events are always evolving and changing based on the needs of the industry. Here's what we've got planned!


Panel: Customer focus

Regulators have been focusing on setting up a cannabis market that allows small businesses -- especially those in social equity categories -- to thrive. However, what about appealing to customers? Without customers, legal businesses cannot succeed, and the adult-use program cannot generate tax revenue. This panel will discuss what regulators and lawmakers have (or haven't) done to appeal to customers, what businesses should do to gain consumer trust and what customer service measures successful businesses have employed.

  • Speakers: Coss Marte (CONBUD); Dave Vautrin (Union Square Travel Agency)


Panel: Social equity, empty phrase or legitimate effort?

New York lawmakers and regulators have promoted the state's adult-use program as the gold standard for social equity, but have they actually done more than other states? The MRTA says the OCM will award licenses "with the goal of" 50% going to social equity applicants, but that's not binding. This panel will discuss what actual social equity measures the OCM has taken, whether social equity measures in New York's adult-use program are likely to provide much help to the intended demographics, and if any other state has deployed a successful social equity program.

  • Speakers: Tavian Crosland (Social Equity Empowerment Network); Scheril Murray Powell, Esq. (The JUSTUS Foundation); Terrence Coffie (Cannabis Justice & Equity Initiatives)


Panel: How do cannabis advocates and industry skeptics see eye-to-eye?

Cannabis is now legal in New York, and everyone – from longtime legalization advocates to those who never wanted a legal weed industry – has to live with it. Now and moving forward, regulators, businesses and community members are having to create an adult-use cannabis industry that most of these stakeholders find acceptable. This panel will explore what voices are contributing to, and influencing cannabis policy, how much weight should go to wants and needs of different stakeholder groups and how cannabis advocates and people who are skeptical of the industry find a middle ground, where necessary.

  • Speakers: Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds (Family & Children's Association); Imani Dawson (TCC Media)


Live "Ask Me Anything" about the cannabis industry in NYS

Join cannabis attorney Jeffrey Hoffman for a live session where you can ask him anything about cannabis legalization in New York for a real-time answer.



Q&A with Legalization Nation comic strip creator Brian "Box" Brown

Box Brown is an Eisner Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and comic publisher from Philadelphia. Danny Danko said his comic strip Legalization Nation “acts as the conscience of the true cannabis culture.”



As an alternative to participating in the NYS cannabis industry main stage panel discussions, we'll also be covering various topics at both the Entry Level [101] and Advanced [301] levels in our breakout room (Briarcliff) designed for cannabis business owners or those getting started in the industry, including:

  • Foundation 101 [entry level]: A primer on the entire cannabis industry in New York State
    • Speaker: Joe Rossi (Park Strategies)
  • 30 days to deadline [advanced]: Everything you need to know if applying for a license within the current application period, set to end on Dec. 18, 2023.
    • Speaker: Joe Rossi (Park Strategies); Paul Suits Jr. (LakeHouse Cannabis)
  • Insurance 101 [entry level]: A comprehensive rundown of what you need to know about insurance if planning to operate within the state’s cannabis ecosystem.
    • Speaker: Eric Schneider (Alpharoot)
  • Insurance 301 [advanced]: An advanced course on insurance ins-and-outs for those already familiar with the industry who wish to learn more to keep their businesses and their futures safe.
    • Speaker: Eric Schneider (Alpharoot)
  • Accounting 101 [entry level]: How do you model financial projections? Is it worth it for you to get into the cannabis industry in New York? What’s unique about this state and how can that affect your entry into the market?
    • Speaker: Renata Serban (Citrin Cooperman)
  • Accounting 301 [advanced]: Getting into cost accounting for manufacturers, cultivators and retailers; 471C; major court cases related to taxes; how charitable work and expenses can relate to the Community Impact Plan. Expect a deep dive into next-level accounting topics relevant to your cannabis business.
    • Speaker: Renata Serban (Citrin Cooperman)
  • Real estate concepts: Description coming soon!
    • Speaker: Kristin L. Jordan (Park Jordan LLC); Christopher Miskolczi (Helbraun & Levey)
  • Retail 101 [entry level]: This session will speak to the basics of getting a new cannabis retail store going after you have secured your location.  It will cover employee selection, budtender training, understanding and serving cannabis consumer types, supply chain basics and the customer journey. For an in-depth dive into the supply chain, check out the Supply Chain Collaboration session.
    • Speaker: Dave Vautrin (Union Square Travel Agency)
  • Retail 301 [advanced]: This session will provide start-up retailers / brands as well as operators who are currently in market an in-depth view on supply chain best practices through the retailer lens. Content includes establishing a pre-launch strategy by category, interviewing prospective cannabis suppliers, vetting the broad range of products, internal testing process, product approvals and onboarding. This session will also cover the brand’s role in the process regarding ongoing monitoring of the active portfolio, SKU-level performance, product  rationalizations and more. 
    • Speaker: Dave Vautrin (Union Square Travel Agency)
  • Medical Cannabis 101 [entry level]: Hear an overview of the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, ratios, products and uses.
    • Speaker: Sang Choi, R. Ph. (Etain)

Format & what to expect

Thursday, November 16th (day of)

NY Cannabis Insider will host it's final cannabis conference of the year, where industry professionals – from growers, processors and retailers to attorneys, consultants, politicians and new/hopeful business owners – will gather for a day of learning, venting and problem-solving. Our events are always evolving and changing based on the needs of the industry.


The event will host two tracks during the day: advanced and beginner. There will be keynote speakers, panel interviews and breakout sessions on considerations for new and legacy business owners during the day. Lightning-round business consultations will be available for attendees, in addition to multiple networking opportunities, lunch, a happy hour and more.

Join us for a day that will cover topics from current retail/AUCC/AUCP/legacy operators as well as training for startups new to the industry. Returning attendees can expect to hear about updates in the industry and a more advanced conversation on topics that continue to affect the industry to date. Anyone getting started in the industry or applying for a business license will have an opportunity to hear about startup concepts from accounting to foundational business planning, insurance, real estate, retail concepts and medical marijuana.

What we've done so far this year

So far this year, we've hosted a "problems and solutions" summit where the morning session was dedicated to airing grievances from all angles of the industry, while the afternoon session focused on proposed solutions for the same topics (DASNY, the June 1 cultivation deadline, legacy/enforcement, medical marijuana, and the 4/20 bill). Most recently we hosted a "state of the industry" conference in Buffalo to share unique perspectives from several key stakeholders, such as cultivators, processors, retailers, politicians, attorneys, and medical operators.

Your ticket provides you with all-access to this all-day conference, full access to our vendor fair with complimentary consultation sessions courtesy of select vendors, happy hour, lunch, on-site networking and access to thought leaders and experts in the cannabis industry.