Full Name
Timothy Mitchell
Job Title
Patient Advocate
Speaker Bio
Timothy Mitchell has been a patient advocate in NY since 2017, spending the last several years pushing for meaningful changes to the state’s medical cannabis program. He’s been an educator and advocate for thousands of patients on various social media platforms, and has used these to mobilize patients as part of both smaller, issue-specific efforts (i.e. vape crisis, DOH’s ground flower hold) as well as larger lobbying efforts (ie Start Smart Coalition/NORMLs). He firmly believes that for the NY cannabis market to thrive, it needs a solid foundation to be built on which can only happen with a solid and robust medical program in place. He advocated for separate medical expansion when previous MRTA attempts failed, and urged all lawmakers to explicitly include patient protections in statute due to the current state of the program as well as what could be a difficult rollout of Adult Use operations.

He can be found calling out patient problems on the NY MMJ WATCHDOG Twitter page when not working on lobbying efforts with the Office of Cannabis Management or informing patients of the latest developments on other social media platforms (Facebook, Reddit). He lives in Saratoga with his husband and dog, Sophie, who already thinks of herself as a watchdog as well.
Timothy Mitchell