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Brittany Carbone
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Brittany Carbone founded TONIC in 2017, while working as a personal trainer and health coach on Long Island, NY. Bootstrapping as a solopreneur, Carbone grew the company from a side-hustle operating out of her parents’ kitchen to the 7-figure business it is today, all while staying true to her original vision and mission of bringing the most healing to the most people. Brittany not only leads the all-female team at TONIC as the Founder & CEO, but is also the co-founder of Tricolla Farms in Berkshire, NY and Bardo Labs in Sayre, PA. Tricolla Farms recently became one of NY’s first adult use cannabis licensees, receiving their conditional cultivation license in April.
Brittany has hands-on experience in every aspect of CBD brand development and management. From manufacturing, marketing, and sales to regulatory compliance and industry insights, Brittany is able to provide Bardo and its clients with tactical guidance to navigate a complicated and rapidly-changing space.
From full-supply chain control and quality-driven product innovation, to the adoption of industry-leading authentication technology and a long-standing commitment to community support and reinvestment, Carbone is paving the way for an industry that operates with intention, integrity, and inclusivity.
Brittany also serves on the board of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association and is chair of the Association's Sustainability committee, working to ensure that sustainable development and environmental consciousness is built into the foundational framework of NY’s cannabis industry.
Brittany Carbone