Full Name
Sarah Stenuf
Job Title
Founder and CEO | Founder and Director
Ananda Farms & Veterans Ananda
Speaker Bio
Sarah Stenuf is a native of Syracuse, NY. She served 4 yrs & 1 deployment in the U.S. Army, as an Apache Crew Chief, prior to being medically retired for epilepsy from a TBI & PTSD. Through years researching and utilizing alternative medicine, treatments, and program, Mrs. Stenuf became dedicated to helping others, specifically our nation’s veterans.

Which is why Mrs. Stenuf founded Veteran’s Ananda Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit, homestead & retreat that provides care, support, & rehabilitation to our nation's veterans & their families through traditional & nontraditional treatments & therapies - riding a one-size fits all approach to support and healing.

Mrs. Stenuf is also co-founder of the not-for-profit Service-Disabled Veterans In Cannabis Association, Chairwoman for the City of Fulton Cannabis & Hemp Advisory Council and Founder and CEO of Ananda Farms - Veteran's Ananda Inc for-profit subsidiary. A portion of Ananda Farm's proceeds are donated to Veteran's Ananda Inc. to support the non-profit’s mission. Ananda Farms is NYS WOB, SDVOB, NGLCC company. Ananda Farms was one of the first 28 awarded a conditional Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation license and is dedicated to providing jobs, opportunities, and incentives to veterans.

Because of the dedication to give-back efforts, Ananda Farms and Mrs. Stenuf have received recognition and awards on a state and national level to include being recognized by Emerald Magazine as one of the “top 10 cannabis brands dedicated to social equity”, by Hemp Connoisseur Magazine as one of the “top 100 people you should know list” as well as awarded MVP at the national Cannabis Business Awards.
Sarah Stenuf